Introduction Suction line accumulator is placed between evaporator and compressor. It prevents compressor from sucking liquid so that only vapor refrigerant gets through to the compressor. Special designs such as U-tube and tube-in-tube are used for maximum refrigerant flow and minimum oil trap. These designs allow refrigerant vapor to be sucked from the top, while oil and liquid refrigerant trapped in suction line accumlator are sucked from the hole on the outlet tube and return to the compressor together with refrigerant vapour. In applications with very low evapoation temperature suction line accumulator with built in heat-exchanger is used in order to facilitate evaporation of liquid refrigerant or to reduce oil viscosity and provide fluent refrigerant flow. Application Field It is strongly recommended to use suction line accumulators under the following conditions; Parallel connected compressors, transport refrigeration, two-stage compressors, hot gas defrost systems, container cooling, long line systems, reverse cycle systems, heat pump, flooded evaporators. Selection The accumulator should have an adequate liquid holding capacity, which varies according to the system. Normally this should not be less than 50% of the system total refrigerant charge and it is suggested to be between %50 and %70. Accumulator should work without adding excessive pressure drop in the system. Technical Specification ODS solder connections are used on standard products. 1/2 NPT connection starts from 64 mm. It can be used on the other models on request. It is produced in accordance with CE 2014/68/EU [PED] pressure equipment directive. Warning Please pay attention to warning sticker on inlet/outlet connections. Please contact us for the products without warning sticker. In order to figure out the inlet connection, please use a material such as wire rod and form it to U shape, then insert it through one of the connection and move it up and down. If the wire rod is hooked it means it is the inlet connection.
Volume 32 Lt.
Dimensions 324 x 535mm
Inlet Connection ODS 105
Outlet Connection ODS 4 1/8
NPT Connection NPT 1/2
LLS Connection Yok / No
Sight Glass Yok / No
Safety Valves Yok / No
Liquid Level Sensor Yok / No
Extra Connection Yok / No
Color Blue RAL 5009
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