New OLR.33b.04
Introduction Mechanical oil level regulator protects compressor from damage due to the excess oil by controlling the oil level in the compressor crankcase. It provides permanent control over oil coming to compressor in multiple parallel compressor systems. Completely eliminates risk of returning of liquid resulting from compressor. Application Field We strongly recommend using them in multiple parallel compressor systems.It should be installed between oil reservoir and compressor and directly mounted to compressor’s crankcase. We strongly recommend using oil strainer together with oil level regulators. Selection Selection of the oil level regulator should be made according to compressor or the suitable adaptor connections of compressor. Technical Features On standard products: Deep drawn housing is used. Produced in 2 different models; fixed and adjustable. Inlet connection is 3/8”SAE connection. Models 02, 03 and 04 have sight glasses. Thus, oil level can be easily monitored. The product operates with float system. The products are designed for 3-bolt & 4-bolt flange systems. It can be easily mounted to any compressor with the suitable flange connection for all type of compressor. The special adaptors which are designed for compressors with different connections can be seen on page 85. Warning In case oil level falls below level of sight glass on the reservoir please add extra oil. Sight glasses are mounted by us, do not make any operation with them. When carrying out a general leaking test check if there is any leak at the sight glasses and please ensure that they are not damaged. Please do not forget to set up the adjustable valve according to your system.
Volume -
Dimensions 102 x 156,5mm
Inlet Connection SAE 3/8
Outlet Connection Flange
NPT Connection Yok / No
LLS Connection Yok / No
Sight Glass 1x SW36
Safety Valves Yok / No
Liquid Level Sensor Yok / No
Extra Connection Yok / No
Color Blue RAL 5009
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